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Utah County Sprinkling System Installation Pros

Skilled Irrigation System Installation and Repairs

Utah County Irrigation & Sprinkling System Experts

Cropper Landscape & Curbing specializes in residential and commercial sprinkler system installation in Utah County. Our installation experts will ensure your system is designed give your lawn proper water coverage, without wasting water. Proper water pressure, correct sprinkler head selection, and thoughtful head placement is key to an efficient system. If you want a lush green lawn this season, get in touch for a free estimate.


Utah County Irrigation System Installation

Looking for an irrigation or lawn sprinkler system to be installed on your Utah County property? A properly installed irrigation and sprinkler system not only keeps your lawn and landscape looking healthy and vibrant, but also maintains and controls your water usage and distribution saving you money on your water bill. 

A professionally installed sprinkling system saves large amounts of money vs trying to water your property by hose and sprinkler, which is irregular and extremely inefficient. With Utah facing a real water crunch, it’s crucial to use water wisely.  It might seem like a money saver to set up your own irrigation system, but money and water lost from inefficient design usually makes this the more costly choice over time. Instead, Call the irrigation system experts at Cropper Landscape & Curbing!

Utah County Sprinklers Repair & Maintenance

Once your new yard irrigation system has been installed, tested, and found to be working properly, it’s very common to assume that it will continue to operate as expected each and every time. Unfortunately, like many other types of mechanical systems that are used repeatedly, these systems can underperform or fail on occasion and will require repair or maintenance services.

When any components of your irrigation system break or malfunction, a call to Cropper Landscape & Curbing will deliver quick resolution to the problem and return your sprinkler system to its optimal performance level. Our skilled technicians will identify the root cause of the situation, recommend the course of action necessary to rectify it, and complete those repairs in an efficient manner.


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