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Utah County Landscape Installation Pros

Landscape Grading, Retaining Walls, Irrigation Systems, Sod Installation, Gardens & Flower Beds, Tree Planting, Xeriscaping and more

Utah County Landscape Design and Installation Professionals

We at Cropper Landscape & Curbing dedicate ourselves to sculpting Utah County’s natural environment into beautiful and meaningful spaces. We create landscapes for Utah homeowners and businesses that not only increase the value of your property but also give you and your guests a place where you can make lasting memories.


Utah County Landscape Grading Services

Landscape grading is reshaping earth and soil so that the land is more stable and leveled than before. The grading process involves first digging up the selected areas and moving the dirt from one location to another, such as moving dirt from a high section of the land to a lower region. Often that involves installing barriers with boulders or other materials. Once the earth has been moved, the professionals at Cropper Landscape & Curbing will smooth out the ground and prep the area for vegetation, xeriscaping, hardscaping, etc. 

Properly grading your land comes with numerous benefits, such as making use of more of your outdoor spaces, channeling drainage away for your home or other structures, reducing erosion and surface runoff, which can prevent costly damage to your home.


Utah County Irrigation System Installation

Searching for a Utah County sprinkler system installation? Or does your lawn sprinkler system need maintenance or repair? Cropper Landscape & Curbing focuses on custom-designed irrigation systems for Utah County residents and business owners. We focus on installing & servicing lawn irrigation, water conserving drip systems and more. We will assess your property, evaluate the ways we can help your property look its best while also conserving wanter, and develop an efficient system tailored to your needs.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, your lawn and yard have to look their best and be the green and healthy while also being friendly on your pocketbook by using water wisely. Cropper Landscape and Curbing will help you score on all those points!


Utah County Sod Installation Pros

Sod installation is the quickest way to a full and healthy lawn for your Utah County home or business property. Coupling sod installation with an inground sprinkler system installation instantly transforms the property. It is possible to go from no grass to a lush green lawn within a matter of days.

Cropper Landscape & Curbing uses only high-quality sod varieties and installs them properly to ensure long-term growth. Starting from sod will make maintaining your lawn easier from the outset because you are starting with a healthy stand of grass that was grown and raised in optimal conditions. Sod can be especially beneficial during a landscape installation on slopes or other areas that are prone to erosion by acting as a natural barrier to keep soil in place.

Utah County Tree, Garden & Flower Bed Planting Experts

Let the professionals at Cropper Landscape & Curbing help you create the perfect plan for your landscape’s trees and vegetation, while our skilled workers bring that vision to life. We know Utah County intimately and have been working on landscape designs and installations here for many years. Your plants, shrubs and trees won’t only look spectular, they will be ultra functional as well.

We use native and waterwise plants and create spaces that complement both your home and the surrounding beauty of your Utah landscape. We select tree varieties that produce the shade and fruit you want while positioning those trees where they can thrive for years to come. 



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